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7 Secrets to Saving with Style on Kids Clothing


When it comes to saving money on kids' clothing, everyday moms tell it how it is. Read on for advice from yours truly (mom of three), with additional insight from other moms in the trenches.

Shop Off-Season

Shop in advance for the next season. When I first started to do this, it made my husband very nervous. However, even if you do save it back and they outgrow it you can resell it on E-Bay.

                                                                                                                                          - Jennie, Mom of 2

Outlets are always a good deal for style at a lower price, although items are generally of lower quality than those in the mainline stores. Stick to pieces where durability is of lesser concern.

Shopping right at the change of season, or after major shopping peaks like Christmas and Back-to-School, is an easy way to save big.

Shop Second-Hand

Shop second-hand for one-of-a-kind style. Consignment shops, thrift stores, and garage sales are a great source for deals and treasures.

Shop for Neutrals

When shopping for basics like jeans and rain boots, skip gender-specific styles in favor of those that can be passed between kids and mix well with everything.

Shop the Sales

Head to the back of the store to save big. Most retailers keep heavily discounted merchandise on the back racks.

Couldn't find a deal on a must-have item? Keep checking. Many retailers offer price adjustments after the sale. Some credit cards have similar policies.

Clip (Paper or Digital) Coupons

Save with coupons, in store and online. Not a traditional coupon clipper? Many brick-and-mortar stores welcome digital coupons, asking that you show your phone or mention a code phrase at checkout.

I almost never buy anything online without a coupon code! I go to flamingoworld, couponmountain, couponcraze. I just Google the store plus the words "coupon code" and almost always come up with something!   

                                                                                                                                            -Donna, Mom of 2

Swap with Friends

Hold a clothing swap to exchange clothes in a festive atmosphere.

Whether the swap has a set host or you all meet around picnic tables in the park, suggest that attendees group their kids' clothes by gender and size. This will make it easy to "shop" the selection.

Sign Up for Savings

"Carry the store credit card," suggests Jennie, who also offers this advice:

You have to pay it off after every shopping trip, or you are going to end up paying significantly more than you saved in interest. Most stores have great retention marketing, and will send you coupons for future visits, special promos for card holders only and some even give you rewards when you spend so much.

Donna adds, "I apply for credit cards to get the initial 10% off on what I would consider like a season's purchase of clothes. Lots of places give you some kind of bonus just for applying for the card."

Source: kids fashion