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Science Toys Kids Will Love--Robotics Toys

There's no question that robotics is the wave of the future, and children with a leg up in this field will have an edge in the workplace if they choose certain types of careers. Various toy makers offer products designed to present robotics in a fun and kid-friendly way -- often so kids have no idea they're learning as they play. Hexbugs -- tiny creatures that move through vibration -- provide an easy introduction to this field, while older kids can get a more in-depth look at robotics with Lego's Mindstorms series of toys. The Mindstorms EV3, for example, contains all the tools kids need to build 17 different robots, all of which can be programmed to move and communicate using programs on a phone or tablet [source: Lidz]. Smart car robotics kits give kids a glimpse beneath the hood, teaching them to assemble a car, then drive it via a simple smartphone program.