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How to Make Kids' Necklaces--A Flower Necklace


In Hawaii, people make flower necklaces called leis. With this wearable craft, you can make a dazzling flower necklace, too.

How to Make a Flower Necklace

What You'll Need:

  • Flowers with stems (such as daisies)

To make a necklace, first you'll need to pick a lot of wild flowers that have long stems, such as daisies. (Be careful if you use dandelions, because the same yellow color that rubs off on your hands or chin can get messy.)

Here's how to chain them together:

Cross two stems at right angles. Loop the vertical stem around the horizontal one so it ends up alongside the horizontal stem.

Next lay a third stem at right angles to the two horizontal stems. Loop it around both horizontal stems. Keep adding stems this way until your lei is as long as you want it. Tie the last stem to the first flower to make a circle. Aloha!

resource: home&garden