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Dress Boys for a Summer Wedding


Wondering how to outfit your boys for a summer wedding? The answer is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Indoors or Out?

Comfort is key when it comes to dressing up boys. Weddings can require a great deal of patience from kids, and they're bound to be more cooperative when comfortable. Let temperature dictate layers and materials, and stay away from stiff new shoes and irritating fabrics.

The Summer Suit

Dressier weddings, especially those indoors, often require that boys wear a full suit. To keep the feeling light, turn to natural, breathable, loose weave fabrics like linen, tropical weight wool or cotton poplin or seersucker. If you'll be celebrating under the sun, opt for softer hues to stay cool.

If a jacket seems unbearable, vests can provide the same swag without the sleeves.

When the temperature really soars, younger boys can get away with nice shorts, especially when they're styled in a clever mix of colors, patterns and thoughtful accessories. Think suspenders and a polka dot bow tie.

Shoes and Socks

This is not the time for everyday, hard-worn sneakers, but sleek canvas slip-ons or other low profile options may be entirely appropriate. One adorable ring bearer rocked bright yellow Chucks on the beach, and the look was perfect.

Loafers, boat shoes, suede bucks, and oxfords are also great choices to capture that cool summer vibe.

Socks are often optional in the summer, especially for waterside affairs. If shoes or occasion necessitate, look for fun socks that will add interest to his look.



2. What's the Vibe?

Boys in the wedding will need to coordinate with the the rest of the groom's party. If you've been tasked with making that happen, focus on the color palette and fabrics. Many lines offer a Father/Son line that can facilitate the process. For inspiration, check out Dads & Lads from Vineyard Vines and J. Crew's Boys' Ludlow Shop.

When in doubt, guests should take formality cues from the couple and the wedding details. Letterpress script requesting your presence at an evening church ceremony calls for more formality and tradition than a playful invitation to a woods wedding.

Typically, warm weather calls for a lighter, brighter palette. Have fun with summery textiles like seersucker and gingham.

3. What's His Style?

Keep the peace and preserve your boy's sense of autonomy by giving him some say in his wedding attire, even if his only choice is between a few ties.

Young boys can get away with just about anything, so show him a range of acceptable options and see what he gravitates toward.

As they approach their teens, boys are expected to dress in keeping with the adult crowd, but a touch of youthful whimsy adds lightness.


Bonus Points

Say Cheese

Remember to keep family photo rules in mind as you coordinate looks for the family; weddings make beautiful backdrops!

You'll find detailed information through the link, but here's a crash course:
•Don't be matchy-matchy.
•Do keep the color palette cohesive.
•Do incorporate special touches, like Grandad's tie pin.

Fit Fundamentals

Fit is key. No boy looks good swimming in fabric, with a dropped crotch, rumpled waist, and linebacker shoulders. Squeeze your guy into a size too small, and he'll be squirming with discomfort before the ceremony begins.

In general, shop for an exact fit. Suit jackets, especially, need to be right on. For more flexible sizing, look for adjustable interior waistbands and pieces that can be casually cuffed.

 resource: kidsfashion