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Dress Up Your Kid Like Food for Halloween


This year instead of buying another Spider-Man or witch costume for your kid, go for something a little more special: Try dressing your kid up in their favorite food! From pizza to cupcakes, these ten food costumes might just earn you brownie points while trick-or-treating. More candy for everyone!

1. Cotton Candy


→ Directions: Cotton Candy Costume from Costume Works

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs


→ Directions: Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume from Epicurious


3. Cookies and Milk



→ Buy This Costume: Cookies and Milk on Etsy

4. Burrito Baby


→ Buy this Costume: Burrito Baby Blanket on Etsy


5. Sushi Costume


→ Buy the Costume: Sushi Baby Costume on Etsy

6. Pizza


→ Get Directions: Pizza Halloween Costume on DIY Network

7. Donut


→ Get Directions: DIY Donut Costume on Studio DIY


8. Ice Cream Sundae


→ Get Directions: Ice Cream Sundae from Real Simple

9. Cupcake


→ Get Directions: Cupcake Costume from Oh Happy Day

10. French Macaron


→ Get Directions: French Macaron Costume from Studio DIY

resource: the kitchn