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How to Add a Fabric Applique to a Baby Onesie


Turn a store-bought onesie into a custom onesie for every month of baby’s first year. It’s easy and there is no sewing involved.

 iron and ironing board
 ink pen
 onesies in different sizes (1 mo. through 12 mo.)
 Heat'n'Bold Ultra Hold
 various fabric scraps (charm square in size)




Make a clothesline present, box it up, or put them in different sized bags, then sit back and watch the joy on the mother-to-be's face as they lift out month after month of fabulous personalized onesies. 



Iron Heat Bond

Cut squares out of the Heat’n’Bond the same size as your fabric scraps. Following the instructions on the Heat’n’Bond, iron them rough-side down onto the wrong side of the fabric.



Draw Shape

Use a pen to draw a circle, square or other shape onto one piece of the fabric.



Cut Shape

Cut the shape out. This will be the base of your number applique.



Trace Second Shape

Use the previous cut shape as a template to trace around the next piece of fabric.



Draw Number in Circle

Sketch out the number. Make sure to sketch larger than you actually want the number to be, so you can cut inside the shape and not have the pen marks on your fabric. An alternative to this is to use a fabric marker, which will wash away when cleaned.



Place Month Letters

Cut out number shape and place where you want it on the fabric shape. From this, you should be able to determine how large the letters for "month" should be. Once again trace around the outside of the circle for your last fabric.



Draw Month Letters

Sketch and cut out the month letters.



Peel Away Paper Back

Peel away the paper back from the Heat’n’Bond on the wrong side of your shape



Iron On Circle

Place the shape onto the onesie and iron it to secure. Follow the Heat’n’Bond instructions.



Iron on Number and Letters

Iron on the number and month letters. 




Repeat this process for as many months as you want. Makes the absolute perfect baby gift for new Moms to document their baby’s life in photos as they grow month to month. The appliques should hold up through numerous washings and will not fray. For extra assurance, it is always recommended to sew around the outer edges of your fabric applique with a straight stitch to secure.

resource: diynetwork