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A Social Network is Changing the World of Fashion


With a concentrated expression and a finger that never stops scrolling, it’s not just while on the move in each free moment that we see many creative individuals doing their social media ‘homework’ – in other words, checking their Instagram feed. On Instagram (in contrast to Facebook), all posts of followed accounts appear in a correct chronological sequence – big picture, small caption – a perfect, endless thumb cinema that is tailored to your own interests. The vintage jeans trend was born here and went global. Designers let their new prints be inspired by snapshots, or gain such a proximity to their target group thanks to outfit posts or com-ments, that they become almost like a good friend. “It (Instagram, editor’s note) is a place where retailers produce strong sales figures and discover new brands,” so the British broadsheet ‘The Guardian’ in its online edition.


The app is certainly out there. Models become full-time brand ambassadors through the platform. And it’s not just for them that the following is true: Those who generate a high number of followers will usually earn good money as a result. The world-wide most successful accounts show that you can
not only gain Likes and inspiration, but also contacts, sponsors, cooperations, book contracts and more. All this, because a glimpse behind the scenes of a shop, a label or into the private life of a person is the thing that really arouses interest, retains loyalty and in the end also influences purchase decisions. Important are not only your own postings, but also – especially at the beginning – references to other successful accounts.

“In the way it supports networking and the spontaneous exchange of ideas, Instagram has a measurable advantage over YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and even Facebook. A current study by think tank L2 shows that the app generates 25 times the user loyalty of other social media platforms,” reports the New York Times. Through Instagram, a particular style, community, brand or lifestyle all become a part of the follower’s daily life. The platform’s secret is that it sells real dreams. It is the exciting glance behind the scenes of somebody else’s everyday life, a balancing act between authenticity and skilful self-presentation, that turns Instagram into an entertaining as well as lucrative playground of the fashion world.