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Denim will be New Range of Shapes


It’s been on the cards for a few seasons: the skinny, unbroken favourite of the last few years, is getting a companion on the denim shelf. Just as for adult fashion, above all at DOB, there are a range of fashionable cuts from previous decades that are now making their comeback: Flared jeans (for girls), straight cuts with a worker look (for boys) and extra-long (for the courageous). Also popular: high-cut waists. The colours and dyes are usually classical for these styles: vintage blue, grey, black and dark denim. The Nineties comeback includes the unisex “Levis”cut as well as bright dyes and ripped styles – we can expect to see even more of these next summer.

“In addition to the classical skinny jeans, new and old trouser shapes are important again this season. The high-waist jeggings with a cool dye are now worn with short tops or double layer shirts. In addition, small details such as braided elements refine the denim styles.” PAMPOLINA

Influences: Untouched nature meets city

“This season is inspired by the gyp-set lifestyle. It is a combination of the carefree and relaxed lifestyle of a globetrotter with the elevated lifestyle of the jet set. Gypsetters are artists, surfers, designers and bon vivants that are at home anywhere on the globe.” PEPE perfectly summarises the atmosphere of autumn/winter. Travel remains a strong theme. Undiscovered continents, untouched landscapes and fairy tale forests are refl ected in the colours, prints and details as well as the functional outerwear. Cuts, materials and styling are in contrast urban and well-dressed, inspired by the classical looks from London and Paris. Tension is created above all by the variety of high-quality materials and detailed workmanship.”

“This season is all about travelling and escaping daily life. Simone, our little Parisian, is on the road again – this time to Iceland where she meets wild and beautiful animals, is amazed by the volcanoes and stares at the raw sea.” HELLO SIMONE

“We want to whisk you away this winter into a poetical world, inspired by the stories of Perrault. The setting is an idyllic cottage on the edge of the forest where children sit by the fire and listen to fantastic stories.” BLEU COMME GRIS, PARIS


“Autumn/winter 2016 will be warm, soft and natural like dark, clear nights. We fly on a magic carpet and pull a tail of stars behind us.” IL GUFO

“For us, this season revolves around two cuts: flared jeans in a 70s style with a high waist and embroidered pockets for girls and skinny styles for both.” ZADIG ET VOLTAIRE, MARIE CHIAPPONI, COLLECTION DIRECTOR

Source: Luna Journal